Monday, 4 August 2008

We Dared to Believe

"I Guess I was wondering what you... were doing on the weekend, I've got tickets to the show..."
Since you asked, I was attending the concert of one of Australia's best musical acts.  Clare Bowditch is pure class and undeniable talent.  What stood out to me most about her performance however, is her humility.  She was not up there doing her darnedest to shine in the limelight of her fame, but rather to celebrate music, and give as much praise to the musicians she kindly shared the stage with, including the witty 2 out 5 of the Hot Little Hands.  Listening to her now makes me want to cry with joy, it feels so good for the soul.  Oh and myself and Ash got the opportunity to share the stage with her. It felt amazing, to be up there in front of all those people, and simply to share a well known tune with her.  I am proud of myself for getting up there, I could have wished forever that I had but I won't because I did! 
I got two messages from that night:
"From little things big things grow"
This could easily become my mantra for life.  Especially being so young, there is so much growing still to do.  It is like from small beginnings, life will flourish.  
"We are all that we hoped we'd be because this time, we dared to believe"
Without belief in yourself, and conviction backing your choices there is no way you could reach your full potential.  

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