Friday, 10 April 2009

Sneak Peak

As I have mentioned previously, I have been working on a series of six femme portrait drawings on linen. This is the first to be completely finished, others are a work in progress. As you can see the work is moodier than usual, and the girl less beautiful, but for me the greatest change is that with these works I've loosened up, a lot! The background is marked from mopping up pigment from the previous work, stained with ink and highlighted with various shades of soft pastel. The figures have been stitched with a single thread (well two if you count the bobbin thread). The tension was terrible to start off with, and I found I liked the underside far more than the side i was stitching onto, so if you click on the image for closer inspection you will see loose loops of thread. I have also included a fair bit of beading, which I particuarly like, as well as buttons, and minature flower buttons in provocative places. The others are quite different to this one, but as a series they link together well; femme, colourful, gritty, textured, hand drawn, sewn, playful xx.


Ashton said...

she has a little buttoney va-jay-jay :D hehe

Thymeforart said...

Haha I wondered if anyone wud notice that, it was looking like a black hole... so i turned her va-jay-jay into a flower XD

P.S. my nana used to call me jay-jay... baha