Monday, 10 November 2008

What is art REALLY?

If anything and everything is art in some way, does art really exist?  or is something only art when the maker creates it for the purpose of being fine art? or when the art world puts it on a pedestal or a blank piece of gallery wall and deems it art? Does art contain any intrinsic value or is the value in what we as consumers decide it is worth?


Artoholic said...

It's a tough one Jess!

One man's art is another man's crap.

Sometimes the crap gets really expensive if the creator is well known.

Have you seen today's "Cairns Post"? Guess who's struck again?



Thymeforart said...

It was that bloody 3000 word art history essay getting me all philosophical!

Oh who is in the Cairns Post? My hero Angela Meyer?

Oh love your satire!