Sunday, 9 November 2008

Feels like home

My favourite part of a magazine is looking at the homebody pages, where creative people show off their home and the possessions they love within it.  I'm hoping one day I can have a home with pretty things that I love just as much as the ones in the pages of magazines such as Frankie and Russh.  Despite my low budget I do manage to make the lovely four bedroom home I currently occupy look less like a blank canvas and with a few nice op-shop finds, arty posters and childhood treasures.  I will remember my time in Sandy's house very fondly, as it is when I lived alone for the first time, entertained guests and found some independence. 


Artoholic said...

I suffer the same addiction!

I could happily drool over homes and studio images. (You haven't seen my library - it's scary!)

Loving the orange pot.



Thymeforart said...

check out

it will rock your socks so hard you won't be able to do anything productive again!