Thursday, 1 January 2009

Semi-Permanent Submission

As you already know I have applied for a place in the Semi-Permanent book of 2009, and created two new artworks to submit for judging.  They represent the direction I am planning to go with my artworks, that is with a strong textile base of seductive portraiture.  Cross your fingers and toes for me xx.

- Grandma's Birthday Blanket

- Heartbeats


Ashton said...

G'mas blanket is by far my favourite of your works (: xx

Ashton said...

i just put gmas blankie as my desktop background :)

Thymeforart said...

naw thats very flattering! for you to put my work as your background! I wish I had taken a better photo of it, it has glare issues.

It is definately the direction I want to go with my works, sexual, colourful, pretty faces and lots of crochet :) Will start soon