Monday, 26 January 2009

Camille, I adore you

On Sunday Night was the most captivating live performance I have ever witnessed, by the most amazing woman I have had the pleasure and fortune of sharing a room with; the lovely Camille. The perfomer emerges from darkness wearing a orange cape and fluro orange socks; she begins with a whisper. Like a true performer, she does not reveal her outstanding skill, as well as that of her backup performers at once, but gradually song by song. Aside from Camille, a pianist, two multi talented beat boxers, two body percussionists and two backup singers graced the stage and as you can imagine created a multifacited depth of sound layers. One could not pick a moment during the show where one of the performers were slightly underperforming, they were all giving it their all; professional and talented.
Camille is absolutely wild, a gypsy at heart absolutely no inhibitions. Her vocal cords and body make the most suprising noises and movements, I long to be this carefree, it is truely an inspiration to watch and hear. Unlike most concerts where you have a blare of massive speakers, the Brisbane Powerhouse catered for her instrumentation that included patting their hearts, tapping their feet, swinging a fluro orange skipping rope to imitate the sound of waves, wobble boards! on the quieter side as well as the cries of Camille and the backup vocals and pianos; my ears heard everything. As you probably already know I LOVE COLOUR, and I was delighted to find an ongoing theme of orange, which she used to create narrative for the stage show.
Camille also has a remarkable sense of humour, something I could also do with more of! But nevertheless I laughed out loud many times; when she made one of her beat boxers be a koala and continued to steal his shirt when he was "sleeping" in the microphone stand tree and also managed to take two shirts from men in the audience and crafted a gypsy skirt from them which which so sported oh so fashionably, as the French can do with ease! Speaking of humour and fashion, one of my favourite moments in the performance was when Camille came out in a floor length black Audrey dress with black gloves; she was a vision of glamour and grace. Midway through the song, she turned around to reveal a cut out section in the dress that revealed her bum crack! Classic! Oh I could go on and on, but really there is nothing more to say than Camille, I adore you xx.


Ashton said...

did she speak wiz a lovely french accent?? ohhh how i adore it.. ^_^

nothing like a bit of crack to set a show ablaze!

Thymeforart said...

Yes she did indeed,and her beatboxer could make his voice sound like a didgeridoo! Highly impressive