Tuesday, 31 March 2009

In My Room

By far one of my favourite ways to spend time, is decorating and rearranging my room and living space. I am most happy when I am surrounded by images, textiles and objects that inspire me, remind me of loved ones and special times in my life. I cannot imagine living in a space where I didn't have notirity to surround myself with inspiration, my artistic process depends on it. Above you can see textiles on my desk that I have collected from generations of crafty Shipard women, notibly in the front my mother's embroidery from primary school. In the centre of the desk is my beloved London telephone money box which is presently acting as a vase (since I don't have any suitable/like how the dried flowers look in there) to my treasured roses from the Stars concert, where the band ironically threw out roses to the audience as well as everlasting daisies collected during school cross country.
The ironic thing is that despite my decorating being quite a personal joy and process, is that I completely love looking at other peoples houses through sources like the Selby, magazines such as Frankie and Russh and homewares shops. Although I can't think of a time were I have seen something I liked through one of these sources and changed my room accordingly, however I can't deny their influence and inspiration. I believe though if you are truely going to have a space you enjoy and that brings you happiness and inspiration, it can't be contrived, it has to be yours. I admire people who manage to have a minimalist space, with beautiful and clutterless use of art, flowers and furniture, but alas my space will probably never be this refined. Mine is a mirad of colours, textures, pictures, random objects and downright crap. There are so many things I would incorperate or improve with funding, such as Florence Broadhurst wallpaper on the walls, the iconic egg chair and all the art and design books I could ever desire. Alas, that is why it is a changing space not a stagent one, as I am always finding ways to like it more xx.

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