Sunday, 20 April 2008

I'll see you at the lights

So I have decided that despite the emotionally draining stuff I have too much to joyfully anticipate such as lovely concerts dressed as 50's and 60's movie stars, getting to know my new sibling, tacky nights at the drive in and having my university semester break among other things! After watching Factory Girl again I have confirmed my desire to somehow make a career out of bringing back the sunshine of the era of flowers in one's hair, cute mini dresses, sweet sweet music, amazing clever chairs, tassels, crochet and go-go boots and genuine desire for global peace.  However this time around it will be an unbeatable combination 60's nostalgia and lack of life altering drugs! Oh what I would do to go back to 1967! I would miss some things though, mostly my ipod, laptop and google! So anyway I have come to the conclusion the more I submerge myself in music and art culture particularly indie and 60's the happier I feel.  I cannot fail to mention the importance of quality friendships in my life too.  You people keep me motivated better than caffeine after 5 hours sleep a night for a month in a row. I think thats enough ramble for one day xx.

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