Wednesday, 16 April 2008

A New Start

In this current week I have come face to face with all my fears of myself and realized that I have a lot to change and a lot of growing to do if I am to achieve my goal of a happy and creative life for myself. I think one of the major reasons for my all the pieces of the puzzle that is my life not fitting together correctly is that my inner core, that is my passion for art and all that is creative had been suppressed. I had given up on the dream of 'making it', at least for the meantime, despite all arrows pointing in that direction, including winning the national young artist of the year in the painting category and getting my art published in Frankie just last year. It started young too, when I won the best art student of year one at 5! I apologize for tooting my own horn but there is a purpose here. So my desires to build a career out of my creative pursuits has been regained and this blog will track my progress and setbacks, and one day if I am successful (and have admirers- gosh it makes me gasp just to consider the concept) you can read this and know it is possible for you too. It wont be an easy road ahead; I will mould and lay down the golden bricks myself if I have to so I can hike (and skip with my Dorithy shoes along the flat ground) to somewhere nice and hopefully make some new friends along the way xx.

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Ashton said...

you don't need to toot your own horn
i can do that for you :]

*toot toot jessiecar!*