Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Lovely Day

Today many lovely things happened to me, I don't know whether it was karma, lady-luck or just plain dumb luck but whatever it was, it was in plentiful supply.  
  • Found a notebook by THE Florence Broadhurst for free with Bazaar Magazine! The notebooks printed by Signiture Prints are in excess of $40 so this was a real score in my books :)
  • Had a lovely vegetarian lunch from Snoogies
  • Found awesomely cool red paper that fades to white for my resume' which I handed to Shiva Moon (P.S. Just between you and me I may have a job there very soon)
  • Found a new shop in Cairns that stocks Elke Kramer and Zou Mou jewellery, and wait for it... Holga Lomography Cameras! There are only about 10 suppliers in Australia so this is not only big news for me but big news for Cairns!
  • Found the caramel brown shoes that I have been wanting for 7 months now and haven't been able to locate anywhere.  They were only $30 too!
  • Suprisingly I found 'the classic The Graduate' film at the video store, which I will now be able to watch
  • Wore my new fragrence; Escada Moon Sparkle for the first time
Kudoos for good news, it may not be your good news, or yours either but I'm sure that if you smell the roses that little bit more often you will come across some dandy things along the way too xx. 

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