Monday, 14 July 2008

These adventures in solitude never done

For some reason everything in my world, feels a little different, like something profound has changed; the way I view things, the way others view me, my relationships and everything that orbits my life I suppose.  I feel like a new road is approaching, which it is, and its a big unchartered one, which I will drive in solitude.  
Until I see you around 
Until we clear the accounts 
Leave it there 
Leave it to us 
We are the challengers of 
The unknown
What does it all mean, I constantly find myself asking myself.  Is all this leading up to something, should I not have let that go? or was that purely a learning experience?  Some things, I just cannot for the life of me work out whether I should give up on them yet or not.  How can you know?  I want the answers and I want them now.  Damnit I want you exactly as you were those months ago xx.  

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