Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Hot Wax

I just thought I would share my latest artwork from my painting class.  It is executed in encaustic style (pigments with hot wax), which is a medium I have never worked with before.  At first it looked very silly with the skin looking more like a mud mask, and so I scraped off my first layer of wax and created a motley mess of coloured wax. From here I carved lines into it of my original composition - a portrait of Selma Blair (she'd be horrified!) and finally rubbed some oil colours onto the then dry wax to make the composition more obvious.  Its funny because I swore I would never try this medium again and that I hated it, but I recieved so many compliments about it that my opinion is starting to sway about it. Maybe with more control over my colour choices and more interesting composition this medium could really work for me! Hey its just a thought xx.

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