Sunday, 14 September 2008

Things that make me happy

  • Looking at photos of my childhood
  • Receiving lovely letters/text messages in my mail box
  • Looking at pictures that remind me of a time and a place
  • Redecorating my room
  • Pretty red things
  • A lovely new dress
  • Concerts at the Tanks
  • Lunch at the Lilipad Cafe
  • Sweet dates
  • A warm cup of vanilla tea
  • A long chat with Ash and the funny things that she says like "Chay" & "true dat!" in context of coarse
  • The sun
  • A friendly black cat
  • Socks on my feet (don't ask)
  • Listening to music with sentiment
  • Pretty vintage finds
  • My envelope necklace from Melbourne
  • Late night cuddles
  • Campfires with marshmellows

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