Friday, 31 October 2008

Open Night

^ Imagine on the walls of the Cairns Regional Gallery

Last night was the opening of the Cairns Regional Gallery Open Exhibition put on by the Cairns Art Society.  The night was alive with the excited hum of the crowd, the bubbling of free champagne and the opinion sharing about the diverse artworks.  With Ashton as my sidekick we took on the night fashionably five minutes late due to a ridiculous lack of parking. We arrived just in time for the exciting part of the night, the announcement of the winning artworks. I was up for Category 4- The Cairns Post award for an abstract artwork of any medium.  I did not win the $2000 prize, however I was highly commended by the Judge Mr Ron McBurnie, the highly regarded artist of FNQ, University lecturer for JCU, avid Vinyl collector and lover of Blonde bimbos.  After the awards were presented I had a chance to have a chat with Ron and he offered me some valuable advice for where he believes I should go with my art.  Ron suggested, pushing the textile stuff even further and more chaotic, sticking with themes and narratives that are important to me and working in larger canvas sizes. 

Overall I was very happy to be recognized amongst artists who are far older and more established and experienced than I am.  I have been feeling a bit embarrassed about my age in the last few months and avoid drawing attention to it, but after doing all this I can see that my age is an asset.  I am starting young and therefore have plenty of years to experiment, find my signature style and build a name for myself, which I feel very grateful for.  So anyway, here's to many more exhibitions in the not so distant future I hope xx.  

^ Ashton and I infront of my artwork
^ You had me at free champagne
^ Artworks from the Abstract Category
^ Elevator love! Art Gallery Elevator scared face photo #2

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Artoholic said...

CONGRATS JESS! On selling your fabulous piece.

Gawd, I'd better get in and commission one nefore your price soars!

Here's to many more opening nights!



PS. You've shamed me into updating my blog (maybe sometime today) - uni has been sucking up every minute of my time - one more agonising week to go....