Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Another year older

Today I start another year of life and living. In theme with how I think the upcoming year will pan out, I am riding the big day in quite a grown up independent way! I worked this morning from 7am! and treated myself to a cute Valentines Day cupcake, which could have been fluffier and more delicious, but was an incredible sight for sore eyes. Tonight I am going for Champagne and movies, which should be a nice finish for the day. I have had a facebook full of lovely messages, and a text message inbox also, so I'm feeling loved enough, even if my loved ones are far away. My nana and my bestie have pre warned me not to expect my card in the mail today, which gave me a chuckle (I don't mind!). A dear friend said that if he was a millionaire he would buy me lots of Chanel merchandise but I know that it wouldn't make me any happier, friendships are far more vaulable. I may treat myself to a nice new bag, that is more expensive than I would usually spend, but I think I will just stick to having a bank account with actual money in it!

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