Thursday, 26 February 2009

Art College Girl

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of going to art college. Attending life drawing classes, discovering the history of my lifelong passion in art and being surrounded by a motley crew of creative people and the fruits of their hard work, including hopefully mine.

So the moment has finally arrived for me to take the plunge and throw myself whole heartedly into art college experience and product design in particular. So far it has been everything I have dreamed of and more, and it has barely begun. I the excitement and satisfaction is mostly due to the realization that I am there now, I did it and nobody can take this opportunity away from me and I haven't been dooped, there is so much to be gained from attending. The remaining excitement is derived from my nerdish reading into my course outlines and finding out that yes I will be doing 6 weeks of life drawing, I will grow rounded knowledge of post-modern and modern art history and I will be completing design assessments that will prepare me for an actual career in design, not to mention hopefully making lifelong like-minded friends.

No joke, I've been getting involentary excitement quivers that I am living out the cliche' of attending art college as many greats have done before me including Andy Warhol, John & Cynthia Lennon, Mark Rothko & Edie Sedgewick, just to name a few. Ah it feels so bloody good to be doing what you love! Don't fight it xx

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Ashton said...

aaaaah hahahaha :D!!!

"no rodney, i'm not doing my kermit voice..."