Monday, 19 May 2008

Artist in the Making

Today I had an inspiring chat with local artist Kristin Tennyson (work featured above), who also happens to be my teacher in a drawing subject I am doing at JCU Cairns. She suggested that I challenge myself more with my designs and she is right. I can already do accurate portraits and it is now time to come up with a signature style that I can carry on with and push into many directions. She empowered me in that she saw that I have potential and can carry my passion into a professional art career, provided I create provocative enough works and indeed work hard enough to have a high turnover.

For me the word 'artist' has always carried a stigma. I cringe when people called me an 'artist', not because I wouldn't like to possess that title, rather I hold back in order to respect professional artists, who have challenged themselves enough to become leaders in their field and make a living off their work, even if it is small. I believe when I am comfortable calling myself an artist, that will be when I have truly made it xx.

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