Saturday, 10 May 2008


It seems on a daily basis I am being inspired by all things vintage, from The Beatles back-catalogue, to stories from The Silver Factory, to my new dress and finding out that all the fabrics it is made out of are genuine vintage and has been put together in humane working conditions, to the crafty things that were made in the 60's and 70's with genuine tender loving care. This is why I am embarking to recreate these era's that inspire us all so much, in my art and product range.  My contact details are below if you find a working time machine xx.  


Ashton said...

that bicycle has a licence plate. .....the hell?!

Ashton said...

ps. my comments are awesomesauce :D nahaha..

Thymeforart said...

dude I didn't even notice that!

I wish I could be in the Youth Group or The Knife's film clip's and skate down huge hills back in the 70's how liberating would that be?