Friday, 23 May 2008

Come Together

Over the last few weeks, day by day new pieces of the puzzle that is the plan for my life have been coming together.  For starters I was interested in having my own label that I stock around Australia and hopefully the world, then I thought it would be good to have my own shop that stocks my art and craft, 60's mod furniture and well selected vintage clothing.  After talking to Kristin Tennyson I regained my aspirations to be a fine artist and she inspired me to not only find my own unique style of art but also give my work some sort of narrative.  A combination of things today has aided in me finding many more pieces to the puzzle, which has given me a sense of empowerment and duty.

As recently posted I have a real moral objection to the censorship of the photographs of Bill Henson, which has given me the drive to create some sort of narrative in my artworks, to not simply paint pretty pin up girls from the 60's but cleverly weave in comment on social justice issues, as many great artists have done before me.  Another contributing factor is my Sociology lectures and tutorials today and the communal interest in social justice issues.  So my plan at this point in time is to work on my art and work towards a local exhibition, while studying sociology subjects and gaining knowledge and interest in global issues with currency.  

I would like to capture such issues, in a 60s/70s style to link with the revolutionary efforts of creative people in those years, but feature contemporary issues.  I apologize for my self-interest but it is important that I get these thoughts out there, judge them how you will.  This is my story, and if you cannot cope with it move on to the next blog xx. 

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