Sunday, 25 May 2008

Life Film

What would we do without the invention of the camera? As I was reading in the biography of an indigenous woman, she doesn't remember many of the things that happened when she was young because she didn't have photographic evidence to look at throughout the years.  I just found a disposable camera full of 27 exposures from when I was in year 10 that has never been developed.  Now I don't know whether I should develop it to unlock the mystery of the moments the 35 mm film captured or save the surprise for later down the track.   The only issue is that film doesn't make the best time capsule as it deteriorates over time.  But that could also make the photos that much more interesting, as there will be flaws in the prints, as lomographer nostalgically appreciate.  I also like the idea of saying to the salesperson that I give the photos to develop, how long I have patiently waited and the priceless smile on their face.  Okay so I usually hate suprises, but I will be a good girl and wait xx.

P.S. The Multi-Lens Lomography Rumble Competition has now closed, cross your fingers and toes for me kids.  

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