Wednesday, 28 May 2008

My Dream Home

I often think about the ideal way I would like to live, how my house would look, smell, sound, taste and feel. I would like the sound of music to be more common than the sound of television, the loverly music will fill the house with joy.  We will play everything from 60's rock to french music, to folk and sweet indie pop.  The rooms in my house will smell amazing, with lots of scented candles in lemongrass, vanilla and fruity flavours.  The house will taste like cups of chai tea, yummy beer cake and raspberry scones for visitors, fresh leafy greens like roquette and baby spinach on tap! and heartwarming winter meals.  The house will not only be a treat for the ears, mouth and nose but for the eyes! My ideal house will be full of colour, from 70's red and orange kitchenware, red leather couches, a 60's mod egg chair, flowers on the windowsill, artworks on the walls, blown glass vases, shag rugs, vintage curtains, photo memories on the walls, cute collected ornaments on shelves, rows of shoes, costume jewellery, Florence Broadhurst wallpaper once I can afford it and a beautiful view.  Finally and most importantly, this house will feel like eros (love), it will be welcoming to friends and warming to family, it will feel like home xx. 

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