Sunday, 4 May 2008

Thyme4Art Online Store

My next step in furthering the brand is opening my new online store, which stocks original artworks, jewelry and soft toys (including these pictured above).  You can check out the items I have in the store, which will be available to buy very soon. Please feel free to indulge in some retail therapy xx.


Ashton said...

yaaaay that's my most favouritest picture of all your adverts :]
i reckon the bday cake crotcheted softies would be a great bday present for people. the sort of thing you'd buy for a friend who reads frankie magazine and listens to clare bowditch. hehe. i love my imaginary friends ^-^

Thymeforart said...

That is you all over Ash! You read Frankie and listen to Clare Bowditch :) Are you trying to tell me something? xx

Ashton said...

HAHA funny thing is i read what i wrote and thought hey that sounds like me.. naaah jess wont think that. s'al good *post comment*
nahaha =D