Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Kate Miller-Heidke Concert

On Friday night I attended Kate Miller-Heidke's concert at the Tanks and I must say that she was phenomenal.  From her first moment on stage she was so entertaining that I was captivated by every note she hit, every word she said and every moment she made.  She was funny, clever, experimental, intuitive, entertaining; a class act.  I have to say that this amount of talent is what I LOVE about indie culture and the creative industry in general.  They are constantly pushing the boundaries in their field and setting the bar higher and higher, not for the sake of competition but simply to do what they do well.  If your going to do something do it well and do it big.  Which brings me to my next topic, how am I to create an artwork with the theme big on a canvas size smaller than an A4 page for kickarts gallery? xx. 

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