Saturday, 7 June 2008

"... not us though, we are POSITIVE people"

So far it seems, 2008 is not my year.  It is more of a stepping stone between one life goal and the next, a preparative year.  I have made many mistakes so far this year, many of which I am not proud of, but I hope that the second half of the year can be more predictive, more enjoyable and a better representation of who I am and who I hope to become.  Although I feel disappointed at how little I have achieved in the past 8 months, in a sense I have achieved more in this time than if I had done what I had wanted in 2007.  I now know how challenging life can be, the frustrations of living with other people, and being an adult in general.  What's more is I have learned the general direction I need to go with my life, pursuing a creative career, and a university degree that matches.  Although that was what my instinct was telling me all along, at least now I won't be second guessing myself and will put my whole heart into building a successful creative career for myself, rather than wondering what would have been if I settled down and attempted a normal job and a normal life for myself in Cairns.  Not to say that this year has been without any positives, as I have made some great friends, built upon existing ones and had some unforgettable times and more to come.  

So as for the remaining months of 2008, I will work my hardest to prepare solidly for 2009- the first year of the rest of my life xx.

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