Tuesday, 17 June 2008


See your reflection in your mind
You keep your revelations wide eyed
They knew just where to draw the line
You let them get you every time

For years now the music of Low has touched my heart in ways that most music can't reach. There's something highly hypnotic about it, it takes me to another place, where I am calm and feel a heightened sense of emotion and truth. It is like therapy for my soul and once I have poured out my feelings through listening to one of their albums I feel refreshed and ready to get on with the day. The complimentary harmonies of a husband and wife not hiding their darkness, or denying it's existence, but crafting the lows into heartwarming songs that we can all relate to. Songs like 'Sunflower', 'When I go deaf' and 'Two-Step' just rip right through me, while songs like 'Canada' and 'Walk into the Sea' make me feel like I could move mountains. If they were around in 1967 you would know who they are two, and probably own their greatest hits collection, which is where they rightfully belong xx.

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