Friday, 13 June 2008


I have to agree with Mr Warhol in that the waiting game is often the most exciting part of an experience.  You often spend a great deal of time anticipating a momentous event in your life, feeling joy, excitement and even rushes of dopamine, and the way the event pans out can often be a total let down.  But the story your mind crafts of the event is so enjoyable that it is a real pity that you have to destroy it by actually experiencing what you anticipate, or the letdown of it never happening.  So I'm going to milk the bus ride to my hopes and dreams, cross my fingers and toes that they pan out at least slightly how I hope for them to.  It may be totally let down, leaving my heart wounded but hey the bus trip to total devastation will have been awesome xx. 

P.S. Sorry for not talking about art more, I know that is what this blog is meant to be about, but at least it provides background information about my feelings that influence my artworks.  

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