Monday, 23 June 2008

Mary Quant

"Fashion is not frivolous.  It is a part of being alive today."
So you know how I discover something and then obsess about it incessantly, annoying everyone within earshot about how amazing it is an how much I love it? My past (and current) obsessions include Florence Broadhurst, the colour red, crocheting, Belle and Sebastian, indie music in general, the swinging 60s, Across the Universe the movie and soundtrack, plastic vintage beads, Andy Warhol, Bill Henson, magazines (I swear I have OCD for newsagents, whenever I go remotely close to one I HAVE to go in even if I know that my magazines arn't out at that point.  If I don't it will annoy me for the rest of the day, not that I resist the urge, well ever!) and Avril Lavigne (oh the shame!).  So anyway, I thought I would warn you in advance about the latest love of my life Mary Quant, a designer from the 60s onwards who has created great consumables such as clothing, make-up, 'Daisy' dolls that are soooo much better than Barbie, perfume and radcore stockings.  Obsessive compulsive is the best disorder ever xx. 

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