Sunday, 22 June 2008

"She was as red as eternal sunsets."

I woke up one morning
And discovered the colour red.
It set the skies on fire
Lit the darkness
And flowed through me
Pulling all the pieces together.
The rainbow smiled
As he found his missing piece
And I smiled back 
Because I too found mine. 
She was as red as eternal sunsets. 

The synergy of poetry, art and colour made possible by the poetry of Ashton Rigg, the artwork of yours truely and the colour red. P.S, if Miss Rigg will not 'let her light shine' I will do it for her :)

1 comment:

Ashton said...

oh wow i never commented on this.
my comment now:
yey ^^ ever so loverly...

except boo on you for using that homo msb quotation. :P