Saturday, 7 June 2008

A Manifesto by Florence Broadhurst

written at fifteen years old

I shall do great things.  My name shall not be lauded but in my way I shall do great things.  I shall not let personal ambition and greed grip my soul in its hungry hands.  I will not let my youth slip away without laughter and the joy of living making my face bright and my will strong.  I will not be evil; neither shall I speak of evil to others.  I will not judge, for no man is worthy enough to judge his neighbour.  I will grasp the goodness and the beauty of life, and throw away the ugliness and bitterness.  I will turn my face to the light; yet remember the darkness that lies behind and around me.  I will not blame others for my many sorrows and defeats, for man has but himself to blame for failure.  Yes, I will fail and in failing I will try again, I will fall and in falling, climb.  Yes, I will be selfish, for ultimately I will gratify and bring happiness to myself by giving it away in large measurements to others...

 No real happiness can come to him who keeps his happiness to himself and does not share it with the whole world.  Sympathy, sorrow, joy, yes, even anger will be my lot and I will thank God that I have the depth to feel these things.  I will thank Him for the glorious beauty of the world at sunset, for the unbeatable sweetness of song.  For the million, billion things which lie in wait for us every hour of the day, to please our sight and fill our eyes with perfection.  I shall envy no man, for the things which are precious and everlasting can be found in our own heart. Yes, with the help of God, and with no other mortal ever to know … I shall do great things.   


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Ashton said...

wow. i wish my words were like that at 15. im inspired and jealous. its a nice combination really... they should put it on a sandwhich. it can be the new egg and lettuce.

im too drunk too drunk to fuck :D
im just rambling.
i love me ^_^